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          R&D CENTER

          Yantai China Pet Foods owns the most advanced R&D center that focuses on new product research, pet nutrition and health research. Moreover, it owns a pet feeding test base and the highest standard test center in the Chinese pet industry. The test center has been certified by ILAC-MRA/CNAS.

          The company owns a professional R&D team specialized in food, veterinarian, animal health and nutrition, and also invited experts to join in as consultants from the United States, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and China. Yantai China Pet Foods has over 150 Utility and Design Patents in the portfolio of products. 

          Product testing Centre
          Pet nutrition and health research Lab
          Pet Nutrition and Health Institute

          In 2018, the group invested 15 million RMB to build a testing centre with the highest standards in China's pet industry. Covering three major testing areas: Physical and chemical laboratory;Microbiology laboratory;Instrument analysis room.The world's most advanced liquid-phase mass spectrometer, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyser and other high- end testing equipment have been introduced, equipped with highly educated and high quality testing personnel. Accreditea by CNAS China Conformity Assessment Committee, the testing capability has reached the level of national laboratories, with test results are recognised globally.

          This laboratory provides a full range of tests and experiments for pet nutrition and health. The high value of the test data collected contributes greatly to the development of R&D within the company.

          The lab includes:A biochemical laboratory, A sterile room, An immunisation room, A colour Doppler ultrasound room, A pathology room. It is equipped with the American IDEXX five-segment hemocytometer, biochemical analyser, blood gas analyser; and urine tester, American Burton micro-plate reader, Italy Yum's special colour ultrasound system for animals, Universal Analytical UV spectrophotometer and German Leica microscope and other world-renowned brand equipment.

          The pet feeding test base covers 10000 square meters, including test area, breeding area, office and outdoor activity area. Currently, the base raises over 30 varieties with more than 300 dogs and cats.

          All our products must undergo long-term feeding testing for up to 6 months before being put on the market to ensure pets’ acceptance of the product and the comprehensiveness of the product’s nutrition.

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